Self Analysis


Change is often needed as one grows and as students become job seekers & move to different spheres towards building their respective careers a self assessment is the need of the hour



Keeping the Short time & Long term career related goals  and job opportunities in mind guidance is provided to the trainee on self analysis on the following aspects:


1.Current abilities on Language Skill sets

2.Current abilities on Soft skills including communication skills

3.Current performance standards on Academics

4.Current abilities on Job Related Skills including Technical skills

5.Ability to Face a Job Interview

6.Resume Preparation & Presentation etc.


Comparison is made on the above with employer requirements and list of skill sets to be improved on is prepared and advise given on ways to improve the needed to grab the upcoming opportunities


Self analysis so, is a comparison tool which makes the student to realise the current status to an improvement planner which creates a road map for self development.