Personal Grooming

Proper grooming and professional appearance is important to both men and women in the corporate world. As an employee, you represent your organization.

Personal grooming, hygiene, dressing and the way we conduct  in a professional environment displays attitude, professionalism and are key elements to  success The way you look and carry yourself creates impact on people in the work setting. Every organization expects its employees to be well groomed and presentable. Lack of these will lead to poor image and hinder progress in your career.

Presenting a Professional Image, creating an Impression are the need of the hour at work place and outside world, henceforth calls for educating ourselves on personal / corporate grooming

Corporate grooming is about ensuring that an individual is properly groomed including dressing, personal hygiene and personality reflect a positive and professional image about him / her self, and thereby ensures that they can present in a professional manner

Training on Grooming will help an individual change behavioural patterns and acquire the specific skills that will dramatically enhance their professional presence in the organization.