Interpersonal Skills 

Interpersonal skills are the qualities and behaviours one exhibits while interacting with others.

Interpersonal skills are also the skills are used every day when we communicate and interact with others, both individually and in groups. Interpersonal skills are also referred to as social skills, people skills, soft skills, or life skills.

Interpersonal relationship skills are a combination of variety of traits like gestures, confidence posture and body language. Interpersonal Skills are very important at the work place; hence learning these skills becomes very vital.

Lacking them might lead to conflicts with colleagues or management and cause others to see you as a hindrance to getting the job done.

During the training on Interpersonal skills it is underlined that After all, employers are not only looking for a candidate with the right credentials, but also one who will fit in with the culture of the company and contribute to its growth.

Trainees are given examples of Interpersonal relationship skills during this training module.