Campus to Corporate ( C2C) Transition


In today’s competitive world its become very important for Aspirants of a Corporate jobs to understand the corporate world expectations & start preparing to meet their expectations in order to be placed with them and be adaptable to changes from campus to corporate.


Campus to corporate training is a soft skills program that helps student’s transition smoothly into corporate life. The transition from College to a Corporate Environment is a big adjustment for many graduates.


With many students entering the job market, every student needs to create a unique value (USP) for him/her to be able to attract suitable employment options.

The Training on Campus to corporate transition helps the job applicant identify the much needed skill sets & corporate etiquettes and then to empower selves and differentiate selves to beat the huge competition entering the job market & enhance employability chances, make an edge over your competition and transit smoothly from campus into the corporate world.

In this training module, the need for C2C, challenges faced & skills needed to fit into the corporate world are educated developed upon will help them give a smooth transition from campus to corporate world.